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Best Solar Street Lights of 2021: Top 5 Recommendations

Light plays an important role in our lives. It can shape the atmosphere of a room or can set the ambiance in our gardens. Light is also important for visibility. Thus, it can be said that light is incredibly important for a functional life.

Therefore, installing the correct kind of lighting in your backyard and driveway is vital. With the modern convenience of solar-powered LED lighting, it has become much easier to have bright lights illuminating your property.

For further convenience, we have compiled a list of the best solar street lights available on the market today. That way, you can sit back and buy whatever your heart desires from the comfort of your home.

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YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Light

TENKOO 15W LED Solar Street Light

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PSG 300W Solar Street Lights

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Sterno Home Solar LED Street Light

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LEDMO Solar Street Lights

Best Solar Street Light Reviews

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Light


YQL is a brand of lighting equipment that is owned by Shenzhen Lighting Inc. They specialize in the manufacturing of a great variety of lighting products. This includes panel lights, downlights, canopy lights, outdoor flood lights, bay lights, street lights, and plenty of different LED lamps, modules, and drivers.

Shenzhen headquarters is located in China, and it was established in 2006. Since the start of the company, it has been focused on creating top of the line products that answer to the quality demands of their customers. With a qualified team of engineers, who are all specialist designers in LED development technology, the company manufactures some of the best lighting solutions sold on the global market.

These individuals work hard in their constant search for new and advanced LED technologies, striving to uphold the high-quality standards they impose on themselves. The YQL 100W Outdoor Floodlight is one of the many advanced products that they produce. It is among the company's best sellers and is produced under the quality standards the brand has become known by.


Sold as a package that includes the fixtures, solar panel, cables, remote control, receiver unit, batteries, and floodlight, it is an ideal choice. Without having to buy any separate pieces, you can conveniently install the light and have immediate lighting where you need it. The fixtures are made of aluminum, making it both light and rustproof for use in any weather and outdoor conditions.

The light is made with 206 LEDs and is cased in a waterproof body, which is sealed with a tempered glass covering. The LEDs are rated at 0.5W and provide a bright white light rated at 6500K. It features an auto on/off setting with its installed photosensitive sensor and also includes a remote for distance controlled function.

The light can be adjusted up to 120 degrees and can illuminate up to 5,000 square feet. It is powered by six Lithium-ion Phosphate batteries that are automatically charged during the day by the provided solar panel. Charging time requires six to eight hours to provide 16 to 20 hours of lighting time.

The included fixtures allow mounting to be done on either a pole or against a wall. Despite being a good product, some customers have claimed to have received units that did not meet their standards.


  • Sold as an all-inclusive package that includes all the needed components
  • Bright illumination rated at 500 lumens or 6500 Kelvin
  • Features remote controlled access for controlling all of its functions
  • Runs completely off-grid and is energy sufficient
  • Offers up to 20 hours of lighting time


  • Received a few bad customer reports that claimed the product is not up to standards

TENKOO IP65 LED Solar Street Light

Tenkoo is an international manufacturer that specializes in the production of LED lamps. It is driven to provide global customers with top quality products that are intent on creating a greener and better future. Tenkoo was established in 2012 and has since produced and developed several popular products.

To ensure that the best products reach its customers, the company has its own team of developers, manufacturers, and designers. They are dedicated to developing only the latest technology and researching new innovative LED lighting solutions.

Thus, Tenkoo continues to push and advance the market that it specializes in. The Tenkoo Solar Street Light is one of the brand's many affluent products. It is produced with only the latest technology and finest materials to ensure that it will adequately serve your needs where you require it the most.


Constructed with an all-in-one design that has the solar panel built on top of the lamp, it is conveniently made and requires little installation. The included mounting allows it to be fixed to a wall or pole, but the pole is not included with the purchase.

The design is made waterproof, allowing it to be installed in any weather conditions or outdoor area. The lamp is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that is charged by solar power. It provides powerful light from the 28 ultra-bright LEDs that are rated at 2,000 lumens. The battery can provide up to 12 hours of lighting at a full charge, and at dimmed settings, it can even provide light for up to 60 hours.

The device is installed with a light-sensitive motion detector that allows it to switch between bright and dim functions when it detects movement. The sleek design is as convenient as it is attractive, and with simplified installation, it is a very fine lighting solution.


  • All-in-one integrated design that combines solar panel and lamp into one unit
  • Simplified installation that requires no wiring
  • Works off-grid and is superiorly energy efficient
  • Has dual-function mode between dim and bright with optional motion-activated function
  • Sleek and compact design that is weatherproof


  • Doesn't feature remote-controlled functionality
  • Does not include the pole with purchase

PSG 300W Solar Street Light


PSG is an energy solution providing company that is part of the Envelop Group, a collection of corporate bodies dedicated to researching and providing greener and more efficient energy sourcing. As part of a larger entity, the PSG brand is able to provide greater solutions for the modern needs of its customers.

It is dedicated to its mission to serve in transparency by simplistic means in the ever-ongoing search to provide sustainable energy solutions. Furthermore, PSG continues to innovate the many fronts that they challenge. Among the many projects that the brand has taken on, lighting solutions are at the forefront of its undertakings.

The PSG 300W Solar Street Light is one of the products that is proof of the great success that the company enjoys in its quest to save our planet.


The PSG 300W Street Light is a powerful light that is ideal for any given place, including courtyards and even tennis or basketball courts. With the weatherproof design, it will stand up to any conditions it is subjected to. The bright 12,000 lumen light it provides is powered by a high-capacity battery that is charged by solar power and is sourced from 480 Lurriled SMD LEDs.

It is provided with a fixture that can be adjusted for installations on ceilings, poles, and walls, but it does not include a pole with the purchase. It has convenient Infra-red communication ability, allowing you to control its many settings and functions with the included remote control.

With automatic on/off function and a day/night switch, it is convenient to have and will provide up to 24-hour lighting wherever you need it. The LEDs are supported with superior chip technology that allows it to run on better energy efficiency. Plus, since it works off-grid, it will save you plenty of money on your utility bill.

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  • Extra powerful light illumination rated at 12,000 lumens
  • Convenient and simple installation that can be adjusted for any need
  • Energy-efficient lighting solution that offers up to 24 hours of lighting on a single charge
  • Features IF-remote controlled functions that allow distant control of its functions
  • Features weatherproof design for convenient outdoor installation


  • Pole needs to be provided or bought separately

Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Street Light

21aDV7 +REL

Sterno Home is a lighting solutions manufacturer that specializes in the production of unique lighting options designed to improve the ambiance of your home. With plenty of creative options available, including the unique designs of flameless LED candles, this brand has something for everyone.

Proud to be part of the loving place that many call home, the company designs and creates its products with only the best intentions at heart. At Sterno Home, they know that ambiance and atmosphere are as unique to every house as the home is to the people who make it their residence.

Nevertheless, the brand still considers safety as the paramount feature that should be included with every product. Thus, you can trust that every item produced has gone through meticulous quality inspection, is designed with thoughtful planning, and is made with intricate care. The best part about the brand's thoughtful mission is that it has been going on for more than a hundred years.

With so much love and years of experience, you should be certain that you can trust these products. The Solar LED Post Lamp, with its retro design paying tribute to old Industrial Age decor, is one of the brand's many fine choices made specifically for either garden or patio use.


The design and styling of this attractive lamp seem to be inspired by the classic retro designs of lamp posts from the old Industrial Age. Just looking at it will make you think that you’re in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel about to meet Dr. Watson, or even Holmes himself. Ideal as a decor piece to add a little character to your porch or garden, this Post Lamp is far more advanced than the designs that once lined the streets of London.

It is solar-powered and features an automatic switch-on function when the sun goes down, making it as convenient as it is attractive and energy-efficient. Unlike its predecessors, this lamp also features a complete corrosion-proof design. It is made from aluminum, making it ideal to install even in bad weather conditions. Because it does not need any wiring, it is safe and freely mobile.

The solar panels that provide the 12W lamp with power are creatively hidden on the top so that it will not disturb its decor quality. Providing a 50 lumen rated ambient light, it will be less suitable for security functions, but it will look good on the patio.



  • Beautiful design that will add character to any garden or patio
  • Energy-efficient design that does not run on the house grid
  • Convenient auto functions that switch on as soon as the sun is down
  • Corrosion-proof aluminum frame will hold up in any weather conditions
  • Free wireless mobility that can set-up anywhere


  • Does not provide enough light to function as a security light and is designed more for ambiance

LEDMO Solar Street Lights


Ledmo is a new and innovative brand of lighting solutions that can add a superior touch of creativity to your house’s lighting. Ledmo is a subsidiary project of Modo, a multi-branched company that focuses on creating inspiring designs of furniture and other decor products. It is pushing and advancing the boundaries of what was once considered possible with an LED light.


With creativity leading the company's designs, it is clear to see how advanced the visions have become in providing the next best thing. There are optional color themes that house multiple colors in a single lamp. Also, there are energy-efficient lighting systems that claim to reduce the energy consumption of your AC unit.

The Ledmo Outdoor Solar Street Light may not be as advanced as their other products, but it promises to be long-lasting and feature incredibly bright light production.

Rated at a bright 2,500 lumens, it is one of the strongest options on the market. With convenient fitting options, it is ideal to install anywhere on a wall or it can be mounted on a pole. With weatherproofed casing, it is ideal for outdoor installment, and with motion-activated brightening, it functions superiorly as a security floodlight. The light is provided by 56 LEDs that are strengthened by bright-lumen hardware and bat lenses for added efficiency.

The one-piece design features the solar panel and lamp built into a single unit for space-saving convenience and simplified mounting. Despite not being as advanced as Modo’s other products, it is a practical and high-performing choice.



  • Extremely bright performance rated at 2,500 lumens
  • Convenient and simplified mounting design
  • Features dual brightness operation that brightens upon sensing movement
  • Weatherproofing makes it ideal for installation in any outdoor conditions
  • One-piece design that includes solar panels and lamp in one unit


  • Not as innovative or as advanced as other Modo products


These are all fine choices that will provide you with a lighting solution, no matter what the purpose of your light would be. If you are looking for a decor addition, then the Sterno Home Solar Lamp Post would be a good choice. If looking for a brighter option to shine on your driveway, then Ledmo’s LED lamp would be an optimum choice.

If your budget is limited, then we would recommend going for the YQL model. Whichever you choose, these lights are all convenient, energy-saving, and simple to use and install.

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