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Best Solar Pool Heater in 2021 [Complete Reviews]

Enjoying the benefits of a warm water pool used to mean that you would have to expect a hefty utility bill. However, with the advent of new, innovative methods of harnessing energy sources that are not only greener but far cheaper, you can now enjoy the luxury of a warmer pool, without scary bills.

With modern solar pool heaters, you can extend the season for swimming, and make it far more comfortable to enjoy the poolside, without the need to be concerned about heavy expenses.

Solar pool heaters harness the warmth of everyday sunlight, and by using water circulation systems, transfer that heat to the water. It might seem like complicated devices, but it works by simple means. These systems are specifically designed to reduce the energy consumption that would typically be necessary, and in the process, will save the average homeowner plenty of money.

Here we have compiled a collection of some of the finest solar pool heaters available on the modern market. If you want to enjoy the comfort of a heated pool to allow your family some fun swim time no matter what the season, then these products would be an ideal investment.

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SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater

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Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Pool Heater

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

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SmartPool S240U Pool Solar Heater

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Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool

Best Solar Pool Heater Reviews

SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater


The SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater is designed to easily install on any type of pool, whether in-ground or above-ground, and can be placed in any suitable position. As long as it catches enough sun rays, it would work wonderfully, whether on the roof, a rack, or on a fence. The installation is simplified, making it easy to do it yourself and save you the time and money that a professional pool company would normally charge.


The simple mechanics of the S120U SunHeater Solar Pool Heater makes it easy to use and install. All that is required is to place it in a position where plenty of sunlight can soak up. This could be anywhere that is adequate, including the roof, or even a section of the ground near the pool.

It works with the existing water pump of your pool and requires a quick installation to start using the benefits of the S120U. Unfortunately, it is not supplied with its own pump, but the one benefit to draw from this is that it will save you more energy and keep the utility bill as low as possible.

Water is pumped into the heater’s web of troughs, and as it passes through soaks up heat from the sunlight. It is then passed through and returned to your pool. The water continuously circulates through the heater, and will eventually improve the warmth by a rated 6 to 10°F.

It is designed with a patented webbed structure that maximizes the water’s exposure to the sun’s rays as it passes through. If you have a larger pool, you might want to consider using several units at once. The design of the S120U makes it easy to fit several units together and will improve the efficiency to work on larger pools.

It is also recommended to run the water through any form of filtration system to prevent any debris and dirt from clogging the heater. It works well with any sand and salt filtration systems. One word of advice to be extended is always to check the quality of the product upon arrival. A few customers have had some bad experiences with damaged goods, so to be safe, inspect the product upon delivery.



  • Can be easily installed without professional help
  • It can be installed anywhere there is good and constant sunlight such as the roof, fence or the ground
  • Will raise the water temperature by anything between 6 to 10 degrees depending on the conditions
  • Utilizes a webbed design to improve the solar efficiency of the product
  • Can be installed in series with several units working together


  • The product is not sold with a dedicated pump and will have to be supplied before it would function
  • Larger pools will require several units to warm the water adequately

Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Pool Heater


The SmartPool S601P Solar Heater System is designed specifically for in-ground pools and will require some adjustments with the correct piping if it is to be used for above-ground pools. It is designed with a direct flow system and features 80 square feet of warming surface in each panel.

It is made from sturdy material and includes several beneficial advantages in its design to optimize the performance. However, larger pools will still require a series of panels to be heated adequately.


The SmartPool S601P Solar Heater System is made from durable and flexible polypropylene material. It features a Tube-on-web design that ensures that more surface area of each tube is exposed to the sun. This both improves the durability of the product and increases efficiency. It also features wind vents in between the tubes, as well as fiberglass reinforced over-molded headers.

Both these technological advancements improve the durability of the product to ensure longer seasons in the pool. The wind vents will keep the product intact in windy conditions, and the improved headers provide overall sturdier design and improved durability.

It is designed with an enhanced flow system that uses individually fed collectors. This advancement will both improve the water flow and reduce the backpressure of your pump. It will also make it easier to drain whenever the product is to be uninstalled and stored away.

The mounting channels that are added to the design and the interlocking channels make it easier to install. It can, therefore, be mounted on fences, make it easier to install on the roof, or be kept on the ground if necessary. It also makes the installation process easier and allows you to do it yourself without the help of a professional.

Keep in mind, despite the multiple improvements made to the S601P, larger pools will still require more panels to improve the efficiency, and the product does not include its own dedicated pump. Overall, it is one of the more durable products available and is among the more efficient that will improve the water temperature by 6 to 10°F. However, an installation kit will be required to install it on your pool. Installation kits are sold separately and are not included with the purchase.


  • Durable product made from the highest quality material
  • Will improve the water temperature by a rated 6 to 10°F
  • Designed with several improvements that optimize water flow and overall durability
  • Easy installation that is designed to mount on fences, the ground, or the roof
  • The most ideal product for in-ground pools


  • Installation kits are sold separately
  • Larger pools will require multiple panels for adequate heating
  • Will require you to supply a pump for the system to work

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

The Game SolarPro Curve is a specially designed solar pool heater that is ideal to use on easy set frame pools and smaller above-ground pools. Its design has been optimized with several features that improve efficiency and ease of setup and reduce the space that a normal solar heater would take up. However, despite its compacted design, it works great, and if you have a larger pool, you could simply buy several units to heat up the water as desired.


The Game SolarPro is constructed from high-grade materials that are guaranteed to withstand long term exposure to the sun and all outdoor conditions. It has been made with a curved design that is engineered to improve and optimize the tubing’s exposure to the sun, creating more heat in a relatively shorter time period.

For further enhancement, the tubing is enclosed with a clear cover that locks in the heat for longer. With these added features, it makes up for its smaller design, which measures a compact 28 by 45 inches, far smaller than the traditional designs of solar heaters.

However, because of its smaller design, larger pools would definitely require multiple units connected in series to provide it with the rated performance of the product. It is made to be capable of providing an 8,000-gallon pool with an increase of at least 5°F within four days per unit. The SolarPro is constructed with adjustable legs, allowing you to store it easily and set it up for maximum exposure to the sun.

Its installation is also easier than most other designs, mainly because it has threaded fittings and simplified connections. These connections will allow the user to effortlessly connect several units into series and be connected to a filtration system.

Despite the manufacturer’s instructions that states it is designed to be a gradual heater, its performance is nonetheless highly efficient. Unfortunately, it is not sold with its own dedicated water pump and would have to be connected to the pool’s pump in order to operate. However, for further improvements, it can be installed onto its own pump.


  • Compact, space-saving design that is constructed from durable materials
  • It is made with foldable legs that allow you to set it up quickly in the best position possible
  • Features enhancements that boost its performance despite its smaller size
  • Allows easy and simple installation and can easily be connected in series
  • Raises the water temperature of an 8,000-gallon pool by at least 5 degrees within four days of operation


  • It is not sold with its own dedicated pump
  • Larger pools will require a series of units to provide it with the rated performance

SmartPool S240U Pool Solar Heater


The S240U is another design by SmartPool, which features all of their standard innovative technology. It has been designed to work universally on any shape and make of pool, including above-ground and in-ground pools, as well as easy set frame pools. It is constructed with the same high-grade material as any other solar heater by SmartPool. Its installation is simple, but like all the others, it will require an existing pool water filtration system with a pump.


The S240U is made from a durable polypropylene that is tough enough to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as the elements of outdoor conditions. It features the same webbed design as the other models from SmartPool that allows all of the tubes to gain more surface exposure to the sunlight, heating the water very effectively. It also features the mounting channel improvements that are standard with all SmartPool products.

This makes it possible to easily install it in place without the assistance of a professional. Combined with the interlocking channel design featured in the creation of the S240U, it can be mounted just as easily on fences, on the roof, or a rack.

In addition to the standard features included that are intended to provide the product with stronger durability, it also features an additional performance booster that is not found in some of the other SmartPool models. It includes in its design, apart from the wind vents and fiberglass-reinforced over-molded headers, an internal baffle.

This is designed to divert the water through both sides of the collector to improve the heating potential, thus providing more performance than some of the other SmartPool Products. Like the other models, it also uses a direct flow system, provided by individually fed tubes, which improves the water flow, and reduces the strain on the pump. It is capable of delivering an increase of temperature rated at 6 to 10 degrees, but many of its supporters claim far higher increases.

It is not supplied with a dedicated pump, but installing it onto an existing system is made easy by the inclusion of threaded fittings. Larger pools are still recommended to use a multi-panel system to gain the same performance.


  • Constructed from durable polypropylene material and features an improved webbed design
  • Can provide the pool with water that is at least 6 to 10 degrees warmer, but many claim to gain a 15-degree increase
  • Constructed with multiple features that improve its durability including wind vents and reinforced fiberglass headers
  • Utilizes a direct flow system that improves the water flow and reduces the energy usage of the pump
  • Includes an internal baffle that improves the models heating performance


  • It is not sold with a dedicated pump and needs to be connected to an existing system
  • Larger pools will need to have multiple panels connected in series to get the same performance

Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool


The Intex Solar Pool Heater Mat is one of the simplest ideas on the market and is also one of the most compact solar heaters available. Despite its smaller size and simple functions, it provides adequate heating, but as by intent of its creation, it will work best on smaller pools.

If you have a larger pool, you may either invest in a bigger system or try to use several units coupled together. It is designed to work with most Intex filtration pump systems and is not sold with a dedicated pump.


The principal idea behind the creation of the Intex Solar Heater Mat was to be as eco-friendly as possible. For this reason, the manufacturing was kept as simple as possible, reducing the need to create a product that is made from rich resources.

Nonetheless, it is a durable product made from tough enough materials to withstand nature and sunlight over long term exposure. It does not include too many parts, allowing the manufacturer to limit the consumption of material.

Since it relies completely on solar energy to function, it is a very environmentally conservative product. Its rated performance, depending on the weather conditions and sun exposure, is considered to be capable of providing anything between 5 to 9°F increase.

The design is meant to be compact, measuring 48 by 48 inches square, and is made to easily roll up for effortless storage during the offseason. It features a simple connection system that fits and works well with any Intex filter system pumps.

It can also work with any pump rated at half a horsepower or that provides a flow rate of 2500 gallons per hour. It is designed specifically for smaller, above-ground pools that have a capacity of 8,000 gallons. If you have a larger pool, you would need to get more than one unit. It is easy to install and can be left anywhere that it will soak up enough sunlight, including the garden or on the roof. It includes the fitment hose and a bypass valve if you want to stop using the mat at any point.


  • Durable, compact design that will last through long term use and not take up too much space
  • Folds easily to store effortlessly when not in use
  • Will heat an 8,000-gallon pool by 5 to 9°F depending on the conditions
  • Includes the fitting hose and a bypass valve for convenience
  • Designed to be as eco-friendly as it is practical


  • Is not sold with a pump, and is recommended to best use it with an Intex filtration system pump
  • Larger pools will require a larger, multiple unit setup


Combined with the use of a solar pool cover, you can extend the season for swimming even into the winter months. These products are not only sufficient at warming the water, but they are designed to use less energy than electrical heaters. You would not have to be concerned about a hefty utility bill with any of these products. If you want to improve the quality of your pool, feel free to invest in any of these products. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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