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Best Solar Pool Cover to Buy in 2021: Top Five Picks

Solar pool covers are an economical way to keep your pool water heated. Another important benefit of placing a solar cover over your pool, as most would know, is the safety precautions it offers. If you have small children or pets enjoying the day out at the pool, it is important to prevent any accidents that could end tragically. However, with the correct cover, the benefits would extend beyond just safety.

With advanced UV protective technology now added to the modern design of pool covers, you can save a considerable amount of money on the maintenance cost of keeping a pool. Not only will it preserve the water by preventing evaporation, but it will also preserve any added chemicals that you might be using. It will also prevent the growth of algae and reduce the effort that would normally be spent on cleaning the pool. finall

Here, we have compiled a list of the most advanced pool covers available on the market. All of these fine products hold the kind of benefits that your old pool cover would not offer. Feel free to browse at your leisure, and if you want to improve the quality time your family spends at your pool, consider buying any one of these functional products.

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Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

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Intex 10′ Solar Pool Cover

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Intex 12ft Solar Pool Cover

Intex Solar Cover for 18ft X 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools

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Midsol 16 x 32 Foot Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews

Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover


The Sun2Solar Rectangular Pool Cover is one of the most popular products to add to your pool. It offers plenty of benefits and is an attractive addition that will not reduce the aesthetic quality of your pool when it is covered up and not in use. Sun2Solar has added to its design the latest advances that use the free heat radiated naturally by the sun to provide its many benefits. It is the kind of design not seen in any old and outdated method of pool protection.


The Sun2Solar Pool Cover is offered with a series of choices, ranging from an optional blue or clear color, and it is available in a 12 by 24-foot rectangle size, which is easy to cut to the shape of your pool. This will allow you to cover any size of pool that is within the range of dimensions, and it can be color-schemed to the aesthetics of your poolside. The cover is made from a film of a durable resin material that is covered with thousands of bubbles.

This design improvement harnesses the power of solar energy to naturally warm the water of your pool and retains the heat by not letting it escape. Like any other pool cover, it also functions as a guard and will keep algae and dirt out of the pool. The design will retain the heat even at night, allowing you and your family to enjoy swimming even during the cool hours. The cover will also prevent water evaporation by a guaranteed 95%, which will reduce the amount of water you spend on maintaining the water level.

Additionally, it will reduce the solar activity that reduces the chemicals that are added. Along with the protection it offers, it will reduce both the effort and cost of maintenance. It is easy to place onto the pool and just as quick and easy to remove.

When replacing the cover, always keep the bubbles facing down into the water. Larger sizes are available but will cost more. It includes an extra 2 to 4-inch overlap, which will allow you to trim it to the specific size of your pool. This will require preparation before initial use.


  • Improved design harnesses the power of the sun to provide free heating
  • Made from durable resin material that provides continuous protection
  • Easy to apply when the pool is not in use and to remove before each dip
  • Retains the heat captured from the sun even at night
  • Reduces water evaporation by 95%


  • Larger sizes are more expensive
  • Requires preparation before use

Intex Krystal Clear Solar Cover 10'


The Intex Krystal Clear Solar Cover is a pool cover designed for pools up to 10 feet in size and is made circular to fit most easy-set frame backyard pools. It is made from lighter materials to make it easier to apply and remove whenever the pool is to be used. It features the latest bubble design improvements and will provide all the extra and needed benefits of modern pool covers.


The material is made from lightweight tarpaulin that is covered in thousands of tiny bubbles. Like all other pool covers, it uses this innovative design to harness the heat of the sun to warm the water.

In addition, the light weight of the Intex Krystal Clear Solar Cover makes it easy to pull over the pool, and it floats into place. It comes in a single size of 10 feet, which can be trimmed to fit smaller pools, but it is designed to snugly cover the average backyard pool effortlessly.

The light weight of the product also makes it easy to remove and fold when not in use. For easy storage convenience, it is sold with its own dedicated bag that is designed for easy carry. The Intex Krystal Clear Solar Cover also provides the standard protection that keeps dirt and other debris out of the pool, and it is designed to prevent water evaporation. It is rated to reduce evaporation by 95%, and it will save you money and maintenance effort.

However, since it is designed for circular pools, it would not be an adequate option for larger, square, or rectangular pools. Due to its lighter design, this cover is also among the more affordable options.



  • Made from lighter material to improve the handling of the product
  • Includes a dedicated storage bag that makes it easier to store when not in use
  • Reduces water evaporation by 95% and will save money on maintenance
  • Protects against debris and dirt and also harnesses the heat of the sun to warm the pool
  • Is a more affordable option than most competing products


  • Design is not suitable to use on larger or square pools

Intex 12ft Solar Cover


The Intex Solar Pool cover has a similar design to the previous one, which is manufactured by the same company. It does feature slight differences, though, including the relative size of the cover. The Intex Solar Pool Cover is designed for twelve-foot pools, and like the previous one, it is made circular to fit easy-set frame pools. It features the latest innovative designs and adds a few extras to provide peace of mind. Also, it is made from heavier material than its 10-foot twin.


The Intex Solar Pool Cover is made from thicker tarpaulin material and is covered with the same tiny bubbles that the 10' model features. This provides the cover with the ability to use the sun’s warm light to heat the pool’s water and reduces evaporation through the same process. It also retains heat when it is cold and will keep the water warm during the winter season or at night. It also protects against debris and dirt by preventing it from getting into the pool water.

These features will improve the water quality and reduce the maintenance of the pool, saving you more money and effort than traditional pool covers. It features drain holes to prevent pooling on the top cover when exposed to rain. This cover will also prevent algae from growing inside the pool. Its rated evaporation performance is at the usual standard of 95%, and it is also guaranteed to reduce the chemical consumption of the pool.

It comes with a reusable, easy-to-carry bag, and despite its heavier material, it is still easy to handle. This cover stores conveniently and is also more affordable than most of its competitors. However, due to the circular design, it is not suited for square-shaped pools. It can be cut to size for smaller pools if the lighter design is deemed inappropriate for your use.



  • Made from stronger material that is more durable but still easy to handle
  • Reduces water evaporation by 95% and improves the chemical consumption
  • Retains the water’s heat during winter and at night
  • Features drain holes to prevent water from pooling on top of it during rain
  • Comes with a dedicated easy-to-carry storage bag


  • Not suitable to use on square pools

Intex Solar Cover for 18ft X 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools

The Rectangular Solar Pool Cover is another creation by Intex that, like all their other products, features all the latest innovations that solar pool covers have to offer. The most noticeable difference in this product is in the size and shape, as it is made to specifically fit rectangular easy-set frame pools. It is also made from a unique material that is not featured in their other pool covers.


The Intex Rectangular Solar Pool Cover is designed to fit the majority of rectangular frame pools that are within the dimensional range of 17.8 by 8.4 feet. The material is made from highly durable, 160-micron material that is covered with air bubble pockets. Like all other designs that feature the innovation of bubble technology, it is capable of harnessing the heat from the sun to warm the pool water for a more comfortable swim.

It also reduces the evaporation rate of the water by the standard 95%. This cover offers protection against debris and dirt and is strong enough to prevent squirrels and other rodents from getting into the water. It is designed to be handled easily, making it effortless to apply and remove the cover. It comes with its own dedicated, easy-to-carry storage bag, making it more convenient to store when not in use.

The overall features of the cover will save you money and effort, as it reduces the amount of water and chemical consumption and improves the maintenance of keeping the pool clean. It is specifically designed for rectangular pools and is not suitable to use on circular easy-set frame pools or inflatable pools.


  • Made from durable 160-micron material
  • Protects against debris and dirt, which reduces the efforts of keeping the pool clean
  • Improves water consumption by reducing evaporation
  • Sold with an easy-to-carry storage bag for convenient stowaway
  • Retains the heat of the water at night and through the cold season


  • Not suitable to use on circular pools

Midsol 16 x 32 Foot Rectangle Solar Pool Cover


Midsol is a manufacturer that produces a variety of pool covers, and the Rectangular Premium Solar Pool Blanket is one of their most popular products. It is designed to be better than their standard product, but it lacks some of the features that are included in their Ultra Pool Blanket. Nonetheless, the benefits of this pool cover are plenty enough, and in relation to the price difference, it could be considered a bargain buy.


Midsol Solar Pool Blanket is designed for rectangular pools with a regular build. It measures 16 by 32 feet, but it can be adjusted to fit smaller pools or the contours of a unique design. It is made of lightweight polyethylene, which does not compromise on durability but still provides a light weight to make it easier to use. The cover folds easily and is effortless to pull over the pool or to remove whenever you want to go for a swim.

It also features the latest bubble technology, allowing it to both warm the water by harnessing the sun’s light and reduce evaporation. It is rated to be capable of raising the water temperature by anything from 8 to 10 degrees, and in the process, it will also reduce chemical consumption. As is standard, the cover will also protect your pool against debris and dirt, reducing the maintenance efforts of cleaning the pool. It is also backed by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

However, as good as the product is, if you have a round pool, it may require some adjustment before it can be used. The material is susceptible to chemical damage and comes with instructions that recommend that it be placed back onto the pool 24 hours after every chemical treatment.


  • Made with a lightweight but still durable material that makes it effortless to handle
  • Will reduce water evaporation and chemical consumption to save maintenance costs
  • Adequately protects your pool from dirt and debris
  • Will warm the water of the pool by approximately 8 to 10 degrees
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty


  • Susceptible to chemical damage and will require special treatment to lengthen its lifespan


With a solar pool cover, you can extend the swimming season by the simplest means possible. Of course, even in winter, the sun will still shine. By harnessing its heat, you can go for a swim even when the weather is not as fine as it is in summer. It also proves to have plenty of other benefits that will save you both money and effort.

If you want to replace that old pool cover that is just not doing the job well, then consider any one of these fine products. There is a size for every pool, and all the benefits each offer will make your life all the easier.

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