Do Solar Pool Covers Work -

Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Are you trying to extend the pool season? Then you have probably looked into a pool heating system, and while doing that, you may have come across an alternative option - the solar pool cover. And you probably asked yourself, do solar pool covers work?

Solar pool covers work very well even with a heating system installed, but you have to choose the right one for you and your pool. To help you make sure you do just that, we have crafted a quick guide into the types, what to look for, and some other vital information.

Types of Solar Pool Covers

The efficiency of a solar pool cover is not in question. This piece of pool equipment acts almost like a magnifying glass and traps heat as well as retains that heat in order to transfer it to your pool.

Though the product’s performance is sure to meet your needs, you will have to understand which type to choose. This is the first step in making sure your solar pool cover works. Here are the two main choices you have to choose from.

Solar Ring

This option is created with small circular shapes to help better collect the heat from the sun. This type of cover is joined together to create a raft-like flotation device on the top of your pool.

Solar rings also don’t cover the entire pool; this allows the pool to collect heat directly for the sun. This is a great choice for those that live in climates that have a higher chance of algae growth. They are also easiest to move between the options, which makes them great for pools that have a lot of debris.


Bubble covers (aka solar blankets) are the most budget-friendly option. They are easy to use and are able to not only trap heat but retain and insulate the pool when the sun is not up.

This type of solar pool cover comes in many different materials, colors, and thickness, which give it more versatility than the solar ring variety.

Solar Pool Cover Buying Guide

Now the next question you have to confront when finding a pool cover that will work for your needs is what you should be looking for. There are many factors to consider to find the best performing option, but here are three that we feel could be the most important.

Pool Type

Do you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool? This is a crucial consideration and one that can affect the performance of your solar pool cover. If you have an in-ground, there will be other expenditures in order for the unit to work right. (You also need to think about the size of your pool.)


You want to find one that is easy to use. By making sure to choose a model that you have no problems putting in place, the solar pool cover will work better for you.


Material is the last major factor to consider. There are several different types, and not choosing the right one could greatly detract from the unit’s performance. One of the best and most versatile options to choose is a vinyl cover. They are more durable and offer enhanced protection.

Pros & Cons of Solar Pool Covers

Trying to find the pool cover that will work for you can be challenging. As you can see there is a lot to consider, but in order to help you out and maybe to help you answer whether a solar pool cover works for you, here is a look at the pros and cons of investing in one.


  • The cover is designed to use the rays of the sun to heat your pool
  • They also retain heat and insulate your pool from the cold air above it
  • Using a solar pool cover will decrease evaporation and help save on water costs
  • Installing a solar pool cover can allow you to use your pool longer into the cooler months
  • It has eco-friendly elements. It uses less electricity. This also means your power bill will be decreased as well, so it saves you money too.
  • You won’t have to use as many chemicals as it protects evaporation from UV rays


  • It is pricey to set up
  • It will take you longer to get into the pool for your swim
  • You will have to replace the cover eventually

How Quick Does It Take to Heat? Factors That Play a Part in Heating

Many will use this as a goalpost for whether the solar pool cover really works, but there are so many things that can affect the speed at which the solar cover heats your pool. Here are a few of them.


This may seem like an obvious factor, but if you are living in a place where you deal with inclement weather, then it will take longer for your cover to heat your pool.


The environment plays a key role when it comes to temperature as well. If you live in a colder climate, the process will be much slower than if you live in a place that gets very hot.


The thickness, color, and material all play a part in the efficiency of the heating capability of your solar pool cover.

Pool Depth

The shallower the pool, the faster it will heat as the sun’s rays will penetrate deeper into the pool.


There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to pool covers, but using a solar pool covers seems not only eco-conscious but kinder to your wallet. There are always questions that pop up when looking to purchase a new tool.
So, do solar pool covers work? Solar pool covers work very well and are huge money-savers too.

That is if you get the right one for your pool. Taking into consideration all the factors we laid out above should help you find the right choice for what you are looking for. Hopefully, you will be swimming in a nicely heated pool in no time.

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