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Best Solar Shed Lights of 2021: Our Top Picks

Reducing the energy consumption of the average household is not only one of the noblest notions to undertake, but it is a financial blessing that will drastically reduce the outcome of monthly utility bills. In that ever ongoing quest for a greener, brighter future, reducing energy consumption wherever possible will eventually lead us to take all outdoor lighting off the home grid. From spotlights to the light in the tool shed, removing each one from the energy feed of our homes will add bit by bit to the overall intent.

If you are searching for the best alternative to lighting in places like the motorhome, tool shed, or any other outdoor enclosure, then look no further than these top-quality solar lights we have compiled for your convenience. Not to mention, these items are also incredibly useful for outdoor events like nighttime fishing and camping. Take a look, and we’ll be sure to leave you enlightened to the possibility of finding one that is perfect for you.

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Designers Edge L-949 Solar Shed Light

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Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar LED Shed Light

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LOZAYI IP65 Solar Shed Light

Best Solar Shed Light Reviews

Designers Edge L-949 Solar Shed Light


The Designer’s Edge by Woods is a versatile light that has been designed for a variety of uses. You can mount it on a pole or the wall of the shed and use it any which way that pleases you. With a long extension cord, it can be placed some distance from the solar panel and is free to be maneuvered as desired. It is powered by three rechargeable AA batteries that automatically refill with every dose of sunlight they receive during the day.


The Designer’s Edge was designed for longevity as much as it was made for practicality. The casing is made from durable plastics and is screened with strong glass. It uses 10 LED light bulbs that will provide super-bright clear light for up to 100,000 hours. It has two operation modes, ranging from full brightness to half dim, depending on how you would prefer the area to be lit up.

The solar panel can be mounted anywhere on a roof, or against a wall, with all the fixtures pre-drilled for easy installation. With the provided 16-foot cord, it can be kept as distant as needed, or allow you to maneuver the light around the room if desired.

The light is also pre-drilled to improve the installation process, and the three batteries it runs on are included. Its solar panel features adjustable hinges, which will allow you to optimize its placement to gain the most effective sunlight. The 10 LEDs integrated into the light fixture produces 30 lumens of light.

It is hard to find anything wrong with this product, save for perhaps the light switch. It comes in the form of a pull cable, which is slightly outdated and not as practical as a dial or switch.


  • Produces 30 lumens of bright light that will last for up to 100,000 hours
  • Durable design that is as versatile as it is practical
  • Allows multiple mounting options as far as 16 feet away from the solar panel
  • The solar panel comes pre-drilled for easy installation and is adjustable to optimize light exposure
  • The light has two integrated operation modes that switch between dim or bright


  • Light switch could definitely do with a modernized addition as opposed to the pull cable in use

Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar LED Shed Light


The Nature Power Hanging Solar Shed Light is a comfortable design that allows you to turn on the light remotely. Although this might be convenient, there would be a problem if you happen to lose the remote. Other than that, it is an absolutely brilliant product with high-quality components that make it seem a waste to spend only on the shed.


The Nature Power Hanging Solar Light includes rechargeable batteries and sources of recharge from the monocrystalline solar panel. This light is simple to install, with all provided holes pre-drilled and included fixtures. It is designed to be mounted on the ceiling, with an adjustable chain and wiring that allows you to install it on a high or low ceiling.

It is made from durable materials and includes an infra-red remote control to access the light without having to fumble for the switch. If you happen to lose the remote, the item does have an on/off switch on the lamp. The light is provided by four ultra-bright white LEDs, which produces at the highest setting a total of 100 lumens. It features two operating settings, ranging from half-lit to full brightness.

With a full charge, it can operate for two hours at the highest setting or up to eight hours in the dim setting. The solar panel has an adjustable hinge, which allows you to place it in the best possible position. Its bracket is readily drilled for quick and easy installation.


  • Durable construction designed to be installed on any high or low ceiling
  • Easy and quick installation of both light and solar panel
  • The solar panel can be adjusted for optimized placing wherever it would collect the most sunlight
  • The lamp operates at two settings and provides up to 100 lumens in brightness
  • It is rated with a maximum operation time of eight hours on a single charge


  • Would be a shame to lose the remote by some chance of misfortune

LOZAYI IP65 Solar Shed Light


The LOZAYI Solar light is designed to hang from the ceiling or be installed onto a pole if desired. It is made in the classic industrial style, with a dark metal shade, and can be operated via the provided remote.


The LOZAYI Solar Light functions on a rechargeable battery that is included and requires up to seven hours of sunlight exposure to fully charge. It is a durable light that is very practical and comes with a highly adjustable solar panel. The panel can be installed anywhere up to five meters away from the light and can adjust a full 350 degrees to optimize its ability to soak up sunlight.

The light is provided by 12 LEDs that are both super-efficient and energy conservant. It provides a rated brightness of 250 lumens and can burn for up to sixteen hours on a single full charge. It is remotely operated, but also features an on/off switch on the lamp, and has three operating settings.

You can also control the lighting time and preset when it is supposed to turn off. While being highly efficient, it would be inconvenient if you were to lose the remote. The solar panel is easy to mount and features an amorphous silicon design.


  • Highly durable design so it can hang from either a pole or the ceiling
  • The solar panel is adjustable between 350 degrees to allow optimized positioning in the highest possible exposure
  • Can operate at a maximum of 16 hours
  • Provides very bright light rated at 250 lumens which is sourced from four LEDs
  • Has three operation settings and a built-in timer switch that is controlled by remote


  • Losing the remote could lead to complications


If you want to reduce the energy footprint of your home, or need lighting in places where no wiring is provided, then these products would be highly suited to solve your problem. Feel free to try any one of these lights. Trusted for durability, energy efficiency, and practicality, these lights are likely never to disappoint.

Keep in mind though, if you choose the convenience of one that operates with a remote, try to keep the remote fixed to a key chain so you would always be able to find it.

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